When you have trash instead of a sibling…

It’s better if the story gets out at some point, and why not now?

My sibling is a coward. She puts on a pious facade and visits the church to appease her religious fiance’s family, and she succeeds, essentially. As far as I know, people seem to be buying it. Good for them, although I’ve never been fooled.

My sibling recently started whispering in my mother’s ear, always assuming I couldn’t hear her (I have a condenser mic in my room, and she ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed), and trying to put words in her mouth, telling her what to say to me, so that she would try and wriggle out of what she has been repeatedly promising me over and over for the last decade or so.

See, my mother has been telling me for several years now, not to bother buying my own apartment, because she was waiting for my sibling to tie the knot, so that she could downsize her large house into two apartments, and I’d live in one while my mother lived in the other.

I heard my sister literally whisper to my mother to tell me that I’m entitled (for expecting something I’d been promised). She kept on going and going, telling my mother to tell me that she’d forgotten about her promise, and that she had no contractual obligation to me, and other such nonsense. It’s funny because my mother doesn’t even know what entitled means. Yet I couldn’t help hearing all these bullshit ideas.

Of course, my sister knew that her only hope of standing up to me was that if she tried to gang up on me, hence why she set my mother on me. She knew that she couldn’t risk angering me. So she had to turn my mother against me first, and create a rift between us. That was her only hope.

She saw that I wasn’t willing to give, however, and literally told my mother to gaslight me [I forgot — or you shouldn’t have listened to me], until I was cornered. She even tried to tell my mother to kick me out of my own house.

She wished to attack me, but she didn’t dare do it herself. She’s such a coward that the only way she can attack people is if she’s turned everybody else against them first. She tried to attack me eventually, trying to tell me that I was entitled, and tried to threaten me to move out of my mother’s house and pay rent. She tried to damage my mental health, and she tried to damage my music career (Understandable, since she’s far too old and talentless, to do anything about hers. Pity about the equipment she bought, maybe she can return it.)

She knew what she was doing. She couldn’t have taken the heat from trying to damage me, so she made some lame excuse about needing to move in with her boyfriend, and within a week — she was out.

Do whatever it takes, but do not support trash people’s careers — musical or otherwise. People who are toxic do not deserve to succeed. All the more so when they are overall mediocre.



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