What Happened in London- How a Hornet guy (possibly) almost robbed me blind.

I had the opportunity to visit London — I worked there for a little less than a week, and I treasure the experience. I’m also glad I got my chance to see all the magical things in London I was dying to see — on my two days off.

I logged into Hornet and Grindr a few times during my stay, and I was approached by this guy in particular, with a familiar “Hi”. He had dirty blonde hair, a perfect smile, and was of quite pleasing appearance. He was 31, listed as 5"11, but one particular photo showed his face as being disturbingly gaunt.

I decided to take my chances. I told him I only had a few nights left, and I would be happy to meet him, and even invite him to my hotel room, but only after I’d seen Wicked.

He was more than happy to comply, we exchanged more texts during the day, and agreed about our meeting point at the Victoria Station. We even texted during Wicked’s intermission — I found myself panicking a few times, but that is a whole other story — and finally, I emerged from the theater to go meet the guy.

He was handsome, his face not at all gaunt like his photos had suggested. He had clearly lied about his height — one of the first things I blurted out was “How can you be 5"11, I’m taller than you?”, and the sides of his mouth were somewhat lined — he must have been a smoker, but he was attractive nonetheless. He also claimed he was Polish, but he lied about his height, so who knows about that.

He was perfectly nice, and I asked him if he’d be all right if I went to wait for the cast of the production to emerge from backstage, so I could take a few photos. He insisted on joining me, and asked me a great deal of questions, but never seemed particularly flirty.

At one point he said something which rubbed me the wrong way, and sent me into a panicked state. He asked me if I wanted to get a drink from a bar around there (backstage). I told him we could use the bar at the hotel, but he insisted he wanted his drink there!

I unwillingly accepted his invitation. He clearly had a bar in mind, as he realized at one point that he was headed the wrong way and turned around, while I followed.

We reach a bar with glass doors, with signs that clearly said “Closed” and indicated a later date when they actually would be opening. This did not deter the guy I was with, however. To my surprise, he pushed open the door and went through and walked towards the bartender.

I had the vague impression that he and the barman knew each other but pretended they didn’t. Hornet dude offered me a drink but I politely declined, still feeling confused as to what was going on. It seemed the bar was not yet open, the only people inside were employees.

Handsome dude pays for his drink, but the bartender does not return with his change. 5 minutes later, Mr. H offers me a drink again — “Are you sure you don’t want a drink?”. I declined again. The change had still not arrived.

Yet another 5 minutes passed, and the offer is repeated, and I’m still more wary than before. Clearly uncomfortable, I tell him that if he wants to buy me a drink so badly, a warm drink like a cappuccino would be nice. But he never orders the cappuccino, and — would you believe it? — his change still isn’t there. We were the only customers.

At that point I decide to tell the bartender myself that we were waiting for the change, but the guy immediately stops me and tells me it’s fine, and the change was coming. I grew suspicious that the delay with the change was planned in advance, to buy time, to convince me to get a drink.

5 minutes later — a total of 20 minutes after the payment had been made, the change arrives, H finishes his drink and we leave towards the station, and there he asks me if I know how to get to the hotel. “Of course. It’s the Piccadilly line” I said.

I was close to my platform, when suddenly he turns to me and says “I’m gonna head home, it’s kind of late” and disappears into a corner. I remember feeling anxious all the way back to my hotel room, and not sure what had happened. When I got there, I tried to get in touch with him because I wasn’t sure what had gone on exactly. I couldn’t, however, because I immediately found he had blocked me on Whatsapp and Hornet.

I’m not sure exactly what went on. The image which crept into my head however, involves some plot where the bartender would have served me a spiked drink, because this guy needed me in a vulnerable state — maybe once he got to my hotel room. I assume it was to rob me but it could have been other things. Of course — I don’t have actual proof that this was going on. But I find the situation unconfortable and suspicious.

I saved his photos — immediately before he had a chance to block me. I don’t know what I should do right here. Should I contact the police? There’s a chance this could happen again to someone else, but all I have is still just a hunch.

Always delivers the truth!